27 Jan 2009

Why Do I Need Data Cabling Validation?

Data cabling validation is a service we offer for homes and small businesses running CAT5e and CAT6 computer networks. It ensures that networks are running at maximum performance from the setup of the cable connections. Maybe it doesn’t require professional help to connect computers together to a data network. But it will require IT professionals, including a data cabling engineer to make sure that the network is running efficiently and smoothly.

The right connection

Data networks like Ethernet are not connected with plain old copper wiring. Data cables consist of 4 pairs of twisted copper wires. Depending on the way the copper wires are twisted and the coverings of the wires, different categories of cables transmit data at different frequencies. Generally, the higher the frequency, the faster the data transmission speed. High transmission speeds are important if you want to be able to transmit lots of data. For example, if you’re handling large amounts of data, sending voice, or even video across your network, CAT6 is the way forward.

Data cables are also checked for other characteristics. Electrical signals tend to get weaker as they travel through the cable and bleed out from the twisted wire pairs. This is called crosstalk and leads to slower data transmission. They are also influenced by electromagnetic interference (EMI), that comes from external electrical wiring and electronic devices, including the data devices that the cables are connected to. Depending on your network’s requirements for transmission speed, the way your cables are laid out, and the devices that you use, different categories of cables will produce different results.

Does your network cut the mustard?

Unless you’re an IT professional yourself, you might not be fully familiar with how your data network runs. Sure, your Ethernet network could be up and running now, but is it working as efficiently as it can? Are you getting your data in and out as fast as your network should provide?

Or maybe you’ve already noticed that your network or your computers are running more slowly after you moved some equipment around. Maybe you upgraded your connections but you aren’t getting the promised data speeds. You might be thinking, “Are my computers on the blink? Am I getting the performance I have paid for?”

Time for the professionals

Attenuation, or the slowdown of data speed, can result from incorrect cables and improper placement of cables. Maybe the source of your data transmission problems isn’t your computers or devices, but your cable connections. But you’d never know if you don’t know the first thing about data cabling. That’s where professional data cable validation comes in.

A data cabling engineer can come in with specialist equipment and check if you are using the correct category of cable for the speed of your network. He can check the layout of your cables within your home or office in the proper way to ensure proper functioning. He can also connect all your devices properly and test your network to make sure that everything is running at top speed.

Before you change your equipment, have your data cables validated first. Within the Central/Greater London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes areas, call us for a free site survey. You will receive a detailed proposal, showing how effective improvements can be achieved, recommendations and associated costs.



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