26 Jan 2009

HP Printer FAQs

Hewlett-Packard (HP) produces some of the most reliable and most popular printers in the world today. If you chose HP as your printer brand, rest assured that you will not regret it. Of course, like any other modern electronic advice, correctly using and maintaining an HP printer requires some know-how.

If you’ve just recently purchased your HP printer, then reading through some frequently asked questions can reduce the amount of time you’ll need to acquaint yourself with your new equipment.

Which operating systems can work with an HP printer?

Software drivers for all HP printers are available for the most popular operating systems in use today: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X, and the various distribution forms of Linux. Your HP printer can operate with nearly every computer out there in the world today. It can even operate with older operating systems like Windows 95 or 98, as you can still download the software drivers for some HP printers for these operating systems.

How fast can HP printers print out pages?

Depending on the operating system of your computer, the type of printer you have (inkjet or laser), the content of the page your are printing (colour or monochrome), and the model of HP printer you have, printing output can range anywhere from 4 pages per minute for the older and more basic models to as fast as 50 pages per minute for the higher-end business LaserJets. Higher-end Colour LaserJets can print out colour pages as fast as 21 pages per minute.

What types and forms of paper can you use in HP printers?

HP printers in general can print on any plain paper as well as some other kinds of special paper like glossy, cardstock, and even recycled paper, depending on the specific characteristics and quality of the paper and your printer model. The manufacturer also recommends using HP-branded paper products to ensure complete compatibility with its printers.

Most HP printers can also print on the most common sizes of paper used in the home and office. All HP printers have adjustable feed trays that allow you to adjust the size of paper to be put in.

Refer to your specific model’s manual to see which types and sizes of paper your printer can accept. If you want quality prints produced effectively, it is advised that you follow the recommendations given by the manufacturer.

What are the most common problems encountered with HP printers?

Problems fall into two main categories:

  1. Paper jams:
    As with all printers, HP printers can also be victim to paper jams. This can be the result of using the wrong type of paper, incorrectly printing the wrong size paper, or poor maintenance of the printer in general (worn rollers etc). Follow your manual's instructions carefully to learn how to use and maintain your HP printer properly.
  2. Print quality defects:
Defective toners can cause toner leakage. A regular service should eliminate this problem. Don’t wait for a minor issue to become a major catastrophe!

However, if you are encountering chronic problems with your HP printer, then it is best to get reliable and fast HP printer repair services. You can contact us within the Greater and Central London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, and Milton Keynes areas for a free call-out, with a no-fix, no-fee guarantee.

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