26 Jan 2009

Find a Structured Cabling Engineer in the UK

If you live in the areas of Central and Greater London, Watford, Luton, Stevenage, Bedford or Milton Keynes, finding a structured cabling engineer should not be a difficult task. Running a business is a lot of work as it is. You don’t have to install and maintain an IT data communication system for your business on your own. Of course, you’d want someone nearby who will always be available and be near at hand when you need the help. Data cabling is definitely something you’re better off leaving to professionals.

Starting the right way

If you’re just about to install a computer network, a structured cabling engineer will be your go-to guy. A cabling engineer will know what equipment you need for an effective and efficient data network system. Most especially, he will know what type of connections you will need to run your network at a transmission speed suited for the data you use and for your other work needs.

Remember that it is important to choose the right cable category depending on the speed of your Ethernet connection, as well as the data type that is to be sent over the cables. If your need is shared data, printer sharing and shared internet access, then CAT5e will be sufficient. The newer, faster networks running fast response applications such as database, video or even running high definition TV, CAT6 is the way to go. Super fast networks that run up to 10 Gbits/s will require the latest CAT6a or fibre optic cabling. Your cabling engineer should be able to help you make informed choices depending on your budget and needs, in the form of a detailed proposal, stating all costs and justifying choices and recommendations made.

Do things the right way

Finding a cabling engineer from your area also means that he will be familiar with local building codes. He’ll know how to install cables within your premises without violating building codes. He will also know how to lay out your equipment and your cables so that your network runs efficiently and does not look like a cluttered, tangled mess of cables and devices.

Data cables are made to standards that ensure fast and accurate data transmission. Any mishandling of the cables during their layout and placement will create problems for your network. A cabling engineer can ensure that everything is laid out properly and can test your network when it is set up to make sure everything is running as it should.

Keeping things going

Finally, after-service support will always be prompt and available if your cabling engineer is from within your area. Outsourcing your network maintenance problems will decrease the problems that you have to deal with on your own. Getting professional help can also help you reduce your expenses due to unnecessary repairs.

J. Barton, one of our satisfied customers, contacted us to inform us that they’d been able to save almost 2000 GBP on unnecessary computer upgrades. They had initially thought their slower networks were due to their three year-old fileservers. After a free site survey by one of our cabling engineers accompanied by a van load of test equipment, they saw that the problem was linked to some new electrical wiring, which was causing interference with his data cables.

Local professional help within Central and Greater London and the surrounding Home Counties is just a phone call away. Let our IT professionals handle your networking needs.



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