26 Jan 2009

Find an HP Printer Repair Specialist in the UK

Hewlett-Packard (HP) makes some of the most reliable and popular printers in the world. HP printers are available in a range of models suited for home or office use, or both. They excel in various types of print jobs ranging from plain text documents, to coloured brochures, to photo-quality prints. Your purchase of an HP printer will definitely prove worth it. So what do you do when your essential office equipment is on the blink?

DIY troubleshooting

Sometimes, printer problems are not caused by faulty equipment but by improper use. Always make sure to read the manual before you use your HP printer. Follow the instructions for connecting them to your computer and installing your software drivers for the operating system that you use. Also make sure that you use the correct type and size of paper for your specific model of HP printer.

Usually, when your print job does not go as planned, your computer will let you know what the problem is. If your ink or toner levels are low, you should receive a prompt from the print software telling you so. Only use original HP cartridges and toners when you have to replace them, to avoid potential toner leakages.

Other error messages will use specific codes, which should be specified in your manual. Some of these errors you will not be able to correct on your own. Don’t even try to attempt these; leave these problems to an HP printer repair specialist.

Other problems that you can troubleshoot are paper jams and multiple paper feeds. Changing the paper type that you use or just simply flipping over your stack of paper in the input bin can fix these problems. Regular maintenance of your HP printer can also help avert these problems. Look through our HP printer troubleshooting guide for more specific tips. Bear in mind, even normal usage, can result in wear and tear of the pickup / feed rollers. These can be easily replaced and are not expensive.

Time to call the professionals

There will come a time when a problem comes along that you can’t or shouldn’t tackle on your own. Ordinarily normal printer problems that become persistent may mean that something is wrong, not with your paper but with your HP printer. Some error codes signify internal problems that ordinary users should not attempt to fix on their own. That’s when it’s time to look for an HP printer repair specialist. If you don’t have an HP service centre in your area, then look for someone who can provide fast HP repair services at your home or office.

Within the Greater and Central London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, and Milton Keynes areas, we can provide reliable HP printer repairs with a no-fix, no-fee guarantee. Not only that, we are your one-stop shop for your HP printer needs. We also sell genuine HP accessories like HP toner, rollers and fuser units. We can also service other equipment like HP colour laser copiers.

There’s no need to hesitate to call for our HP printer repair specialist, as we offer free site servicing. Absolutely no call-out charges! Don’t leave your valuable HP printer in novice hands; call for real HP printer repair specialists.

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