27 Jan 2009

Fast HP Printer Repairs

If you’ve ever had to maintain your HP printer by yourself, then you’ll have encountered some of the usual printer problems that all users have to face. Fortunately, these don’t happen all that often if you use your printer correctly. Your user manual should provide you with a lot of useful information that can help you avoid a lot of printer problems.

HP printers are also very well made and, with proper use, should give you a long service life. But printer problems do happen occasionally and it would be useful to know some fast HP printer repair tips that you can do on your own.

Solving paper jams

Paper jams (Error 13) can occur when the paper enters the printer, during the exit, and anywhere in between (registration). If the paper jams as it enters or is not picked up from the tray, check the pickup roller. If it’s shiny, it’s already worn out and needs to be replaced. You can try to clean the roller with specialist solvents and the paper path from paper debris or torn bits of paper.

The roller assembly can also get clogged up with fragments of paper and you need to clean that as well. Exit paper jams can be caused by a blocked exit sensor. Clean off the sensor and check the plastic arms that swing in front of the sensor and see if they move smoothly. Common sense and a torch are usually all you need to isolate the cause of the jam.

Paper out when there is paper

A paper out (Error 02) message can occur even if your input bin has paper. The size of the paper that you put in the bin is detected by actuating tabs. Try to adjust the tabs correctly for the paper that you put in the tray. Also, make sure that the paper is actually seated properly in the paper tray.

Cartridge and memory issues

Make sure that the toner cartridges are properly seated if the printer says that no EP cartridge (Error 14) is detected. If the toner low (Error 16) message is given, it is possible to slightly extend the life of your toner cartridge. Gently rock the cartridge to redistribute the toner. Buy a new cartridge as soon as possible.

There are a few error messages (Error codes 20, 21, 25) that pertain to memory issues, like overflow memory or full memory. You can fix these errors by reducing the quality of your print job or by simplifying your print job, like reducing the number of pages sent to the printer.

Beyond DIY

If after all these quick fixes don’t resolve your printer issues, then it’s time to “bite the bullet” and call for an HP printer repair specialist. If you see error codes that you don’t understand, then it’s better that you don’t try anything you are not comfortable doing or are not familiar handling, as further damage or even injury can result.

But this doesn’t mean that fast HP printer repair services are beyond your reach. Within Greater London, Central London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, and Milton Keynes, we provide prompt and reliable printer repair services. Call-outs have no charges and if we can’t fix it, we won’t charge you.



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