9 May 2008

Help my computer is running slow!

Your computer may have been surreptitiously infected with and compromised by
malicious software ('malware').

I. Common Symptoms of Malware

- unwanted redirects
- pop-up advertisements
- altered Google search results
- the addition of unwanted browser toolbars or side-search bars
- slow speeds

II. Programmes for Detecting Malware

We suggest some well-known programmes below that can detect and remove
such malware. M&M Maintenance has no connection with these companies and can't
comment on their effectiveness. We can tell you, though, that trying all
these programmes often makes a difference, as does having the latest

Spyware Doctor:
http:// /spyware-doctor/?ref=mag

Sunbelt Software CounterSpy:

Kaspersky Lab Internet Security

Norton Internet Security:

Lavasoft Ad-Aware:

MacScan (for Mac users)

If these programmes don't resolve the problem, we suspect that running a
programme called Hijack will help you identify the source of the problem.
Learn more at

We're committed to taking steps to address attacks on your ability to
control your own computer. To learn more about us,

III. Filing a Complaint About Malware or Deceptive Business Practices

If your computer has been compromised, you may want to file a complaint at

Source: Special thanks to the Google Adwords team

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