24 Mar 2008


Is your PC running slow or making disturbing noises?
Corrupt backup media / Accidentally deleted your files?
Bought a new PC & need to transfer your data?
Need to replace or upgrade existing equipment?
Hardware failure & you need to restore from tape/disk?
Hardware and software problems?
Need fast PC advice at a fair price?

PC maintenance is one of the most ignored aspects of PC ownership.
Most people seem to think that the PC doesn't need preventive maintenance,
and so you should just use it until it breaks, and then repair or replace it.

These people generally find themselves repairing or replacing much sooner
than those that take definite steps to avoid difficulties in the first place.

Do you need reliable technical support for your business?

  1. PC Maintenance Saves Money!
  2. PC Maintenance Saves Time!
  3. PC Maintenance Helps Safeguard Your Data!
  4. PC Maintenance Improves Performance!

M&M mobile PC engineers provide planned preventive PC computer maintenance for small businesses and start ups in Zones 1&2, Central London, East London, Inner & Outer West London, Stevenage, Bedford, Luton, Dunstable, Hitchin, Watford, St. Albans and Milton Keynes areas.

For new customers prefer support via a maintenance contract so they know their systems are maintained by a team of qualified professionals. They also know that every IT expense is covered and can be budgeted for on a quarterly or half-yearly basis. How's this for service:

*Offer applies to new customers only. Subject to terms & conditions. Please call Mike Belletty.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good blog, but just how do you find a good IT staff?

I've had diffuculty recruiting IT staff for front line user support staff and will require excellent interpersonal skills, first rate organisational ability, energy, resilience and integrity.

Ideal applicants should have undertaken some recognised training in IT skills, have some detailed working knowledge of office applications and computing in a network environment.

April 21, 2008  

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